1. This membership program binarymagic.in fully owned by  the company Business Ideas.
  2. This is only a knowledge sharing program and not any get rich quick scheme.
  3. We are not giving guarantee or any assurances that by simply joining  this program you will earn huge money. All are directed  to Read, understand the   Terms and conditions and to take expert`s advice wherever required before joining.
  4. A person signing the application form is doing so by his own wish and will and not under the compulsion of anyone or the company.
  5. Any one who has crossed the age of 18year can join as member.
  6. The membership fee is fixed mimimum at Rs.150/- a person who is taking more membership is his own decision.
  7. Membership fees once paid is not re-fund able under any circumstances.
  8. This is not an investment program and members will not get any amount back for membership fee paid.
  9. Member is paying the membership fees only for the product and services offered by the company. After registration a member can  download and use the digital products.
  10. Members can join only through Rs.150/-,200/– … etc..  registration and not any other plans directly by paying the higher plan amount as you get promotion only by automatic system upon accumulation of the deducted amount.
  11. The points accumulated  for next plan  will be used only for promotion by automatic system and the points will not be paid or returned or  re-funded to any members under any circumstances.
  12. Changing of membership to other person is not permissible.
  13. Recruiting other members  to the program is not necessary, if he wish, want to share ideas and concept  he can do so  and get remuneration  upon eligibility.
  14. A person who is joining this program is only a member and not employee of the company.
  15. Members are advised to not to give cash to anyone even if he says that  he is  company employee and if anything wrongly happens company is not responsible for any loss.
  16. This program is strictly monitored by the rules and regulations of the company.
  17. Company has the right to change, alter, modify, withdraw anything at any time without the prior notice of the members or any persons.
  18. All Decisions of the company will be final.
  19. The company has the right to stop payment/ close account/stop accessing to any one who`s not obeying the rules and regulation of the company.
  20. Persons are advised to deposit amount to company`s payment systems directly for membership.

  21.. We do not pay any remuneration as cash to anyone. All our payments are made directly to members through their bank account registered with us strictly.

  1. Company got the right to deduct  the bank charges from members account,  if charged by bank.
  2.   Product will be sent through Courier/ Postal Parcel, Company will not be responsible for any loss in transit.
  3.  Digital products are downloadable from download link  only and we cannot send  the product psychically as CD/DVD.
  4. The  products  which we are  having are rare collections  are written by various  famous authors across the globe.  We are providing information’s  for your knowledge only. Members can try the method if he want,  and we cannot give any guaranteed results assured by authors and management is not responsible for any loss arising out of it.
  5. The company has the right to deduct the,GST, Packing, Delivery charges, Paln promotion charges, TDS, Taxes,  Octroi, Levies,  penalties etc., from members account and pay to Government as per  prevailing rules from time to time.
  6. All our services are Internet based, so any time  any problem can arise related to software, domain, hosting servers, sms, Email, Downloading problems, Bandwidth etc can effect our services, which is not in our hand. we will try to resolve them fastly for smooth running.
  7. Deductions 20% totally with trimming while payout.

28 A.All plans Deducted amount will be paid only when pair matches – no any other accumulated amount will be refundable even when members discontinued at any time. When there is an accumulation  of Rs.400/- or more pay out will be sent to member.

  1. Payout will be transferred to your bank account through NEFT/IMPS/RTGS, UPI (BHIM Account) PayTM,(Or) Bitcoin (soon).
  2. Every day 4 pairs from every plan will  cut off  at midnight 12.00AM and the amount will be automatically credited to members e-wallet.
  3. Members can use the e-wallet amount to re-purchase products.
  4. Payout Closing member can withdraw funds from member panel and payment will be made on next  monday.
  5. Trimming  on pair commission / payout applicable if necessary.    (Company has the right to alter/ re-fix/ change / modify  the pair commission  amount of any or all plans  (or) payout according to funds flow)
  6. Members are informed that any business promotion expenses like traveling expenses, Meeting expenses, Boarding and Lodging, Leaders benefits etc., will not be paid by company.
  7. Advertising in any public/private media like newspapers, Magazines, Issuing Flyers, Bit notices,TV, Public address system, Email marketing, sms  marketing are the own risk of members.
  8. The Income projection given  is only an arithmetic calculation and it may vary based on individuals efforts of persons Practically. This is only Education development program and not any get quick rich or investment  scheme. We are not giving guarantee or any assurances that by simply joining you will earn the above amount. Members are directed understand the rules, Read Terms and conditions and to take expert`s advice wherever required before joining. All decisions of the company will be final.
  9. A person when signing the membership form is agreeing all the rules and and regulations, terms and conditions  of the company and joining as member.
  10. All disputes are subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction only.